Our experience with IBSA program, as been such a positive experience it is a program I love to tell people about. The quality training you receive with the IBSA is unmatched in the area. Every practice is a routinely structured skill development program where the coach(s) zone in on what your child needs help with. My daughter loves the fast and competitive flow to practice. Conditioning and court skills are two areas we have seen improvement in our daughter. With the experience the coaches bring to practice we see the value in areas of the athletes mental game as well. Learning all areas of the game from smart decision making, to knowing when to take the shot. We enjoy the high level of expectation the coach(s) have for each kid to perform at their personal best at all times. We strongly recommend IBSA to anyone wanting to take their physical/basketball training to the next level. This is one practice environment that the kids work at the same endurance level they would need to be competitive on the court. IBSA is the year round training we can’t get enough of for our daughter. Thanks IBSA!