The International Basketball and Sports Academy was started in 2009 by former professional basketball player Zelimir Stevanovic. Seeing the potential of the youth in the Ontario region, Coach Z aimed to implement a program that could maximize that potential. The IBSA currently has academies in four locations: Kitchener, Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville.

The IBSA employs a development program designed to lay the foundation of fundamental basketball skill, and then build upon that foundation towards elite level of play. In a focused, academy-setting, athletes are taken through a session of purposeful teaching and player development drills. IBSA coaches come armed with extensive knowledge and experience to enhance the learning process and provide cutting edge insight on the game. This combination of skill development and teaching is truly second to none in Canada.

All IBSA members are divided into groups according to their age and basketball ability. After our careful examination, each player will receive top quality training in all aspects of the game that they are lacking. Our coaches will push athletes to their maximum during each practice and help them reach their goal. Training programs are run on a weekly, year-round basis and emphasize:

  • Shooting
  • Ball-Handling
  • Finishing
  • Footwork
  • Defense
  • Passing
  • Moving Without the Ball
  • Physical Development
  • Conditioning and Stamina

Training is available for any athlete looking to elevate their performance and maximize their ability:

  • Boys and Girls
  • All ages from 8 to 18, regardless of previous basketball experience
  • Rep/Club Team athletes
  • High School athletes
  • College/University athletes
  • Professional athletes

As a member of our academy, each player will learn important life lessons, like self-confidence, the value of self-discipline, and mental toughness, just as much as he or she will learn how to dribble, pass and shoot. Parents will see their children gain an improved positive attitude, greater appreciation for good moral values, and better understanding of the keys that will lead to their own success.

For more information about the training programs we offer, take a look at our Training Page