Check out our testimonials from coaches, parents, and players:

Testimonials from Coaches:

As a former NBA draft choice myself I can say with great confidence that the International Basketball & Sports Academy quite possibly provides the best basketball experience in the Golden Horseshoe area. Coach Z’s years of experience as both an NCAA & European professional player are showcased at each and every practice. He possesses the rare ability to engage young athletes while ensuring the main focus remains on individual player development. I’ve had the privilege of watching many practices and consider my family blessed to have such a program locally available to my daughter. Each young participant is being molded mentally and physically by one of the area’s top teachers. It only takes one visit to be hooked on the ISBA philosophy.

Barry Mungar Canadian National / Olympic Basketball Team (Seoul Korea Olympics 1988) NBA Draft Choice (82nd Pick Overall – Washington Bullets 1986)

Coach Z is an extremely knowledgeable basketball coach who expects and demands the utmost from his players. His sessions incorporate a vast array of drills which emphasize important technical aspects and basketball fundamentals. His high expectations and commitment to excellence provide an environment which maximizes player development, as all players strive to reach their full basketball potential. Coach Z’s teaching skills and training techniques are of great benefit to those who are motivated to achieve basketball excellence.

Vince Lepore – Parent, High School Basketball Coach, OBA Coach

Testimonials from Parents:

As a father and a coach I have searched high and low for good basketball training programs within the Hamilton Region to no avail.  About one year ago I discovered IBSA and my son and two of his teammates were invited to stay for a session.  After one session I knew this was a great program.  Previously my son had attended several camps and training programs as far out as Toronto on a weekly basis.  With the hard work and dedication of Coach Z. you can get everything you need right in your own back yard.  I now have 5 players from my team attend IBSA on a regular basis.

Jim Thornton – Hamilton Wildcats Vise-President/Coach

I have four boys that attend IBSA, they love the program. My one son loves football, but loves IBSA because it keeps him fit and conditioned. The reward are astronomical beginning with the discipline and developing a love for the game in each child. I have seen a huge change in my children’s work ethic, applied on the court and in other areas of their life. My boys feel challenged and know that they are expected to do their best. My boys have been developed in skills, mentally and physically over time. It has done a great job of teaching boy’s individual skill and team work; they can apply to their school sports. It is very difficult to get my boys to miss a practice. Having fun is part of the work. I highly recommend IBSA to everyone. I believe it has been one of the best additions to our community. Thank you IBSA, for your academy. It has surpassed my expectations for a basketball and sports program.

Sharon Lalor

IBSA has been a positive and well balanced training experience for Avery. The expectation for physical stamina and clear focus continues to drive his progress towards his personal goals of improving fundamental basketball skills and becoming a stronger, faster more agile team player. A consistent schedule, repetition of drills and exercises as well situational feedback during practice, have helped him to improve his current level of performance. Avery appreciates the opportunities to test his independent decision making during scrimmages allowing him to measure and self-monitor his progress and refocus his next steps. Avery has developed a respectful rapport with coaching staff and his peers. He enjoys working hard both as an individual, and as part of the IBSA team. Through his involvement in IBSA, Avery has become confident, and highly motivated to work towards his personal goals as well as to bring out the best in his fellow players which has enhanced his team play and experiences during the season.

Nancy Gibson

International Basketball and Sports Academy (IBSA) has been an excellent experience for our children. They have learned fundamental basketball skills that their rep coaches just don’t have the time to focus on. They have experienced tough workouts in an environment that fosters a hard work ethic and has no patience for “cheating”. Their game play has improved immensely because their skills have improved. They have been taught how to dribble, play tough defence, shoot with proper form and move on the court. They have learned how to be mentally tough when they are tired and to keep working even when they think they can’t anymore. Coach Z is tough on the kids, but they love and respect him. We highly recommend sending your kids to IBSA. This is NOT day care! Whether your children are 7 or 17, they will be challenged and their play will improve.

Dave and Tracy Angelini

Our son has been attending IBSA for the past few months and is enjoying every moment of the sessions. The skills training and development is excellent. Coach Z wastes little time in transitioning from discipline to discipline and loads the drills very well keeping the players interested and continuously challenged. Our son has grown more proficient and confident in all areas of his game thanks to the work by IBSA and Coach Z. Please keep up the great work!

Andrew Gustafson Burlington, ON

The International Basketball and Sports Academy is by far one of the best basketball academy my son has attended. Zelimir Stevanovic (Coach Z) treats each player equally and he encourages each player to reach their full potential. The training is intense and I have definitely seen an improvement in my son’s performance. Not only is he a coach but an influential role model that leads by example and inspires his team players. He follows through with his expectations of his team players.

Julie Cocaro

Our two boys Nemanja 18 and Sasha 15 are involved with IBSA since 2009. IBSA provides unique and versatile training which pushes their limits thru a combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. We can truly say that IBSA has definitely had a huge impact on Nemanja’s and Sasha’s development as basketball players, and positively affected their mental development, work ethic as well as on their overall quality of life.

Nada Simic

Our experience with IBSA program, as been such a positive experience it is a program I love to tell people about. The quality training you receive with the IBSA is unmatched in the area. Every practice is a routinely structured skill development program where the coach(s) zone in on what your child needs help with. My daughter loves the fast and competitive flow to practice. Conditioning and court skills are two areas we have seen improvement in our daughter. With the experience the coaches bring to practice we see the value in areas of the athletes mental game as well. Learning all areas of the game from smart decision making, to knowing when to take the shot. We enjoy the high level of expectation the coach(s) have for each kid to perform at their personal best at all times. We strongly recommend IBSA to anyone wanting to take their physical/basketball training to the next level. This is one practice environment that the kids work at the same endurance level they would need to be competitive on the court. IBSA is the year round training we can’t get enough of for our daughter. Thanks IBSA!

Tara and Steven Pahl

International Basketball and Sports Academy (ISBA) is designed for serious athletes determined to reach their potential and excel at the next level. Coach Zelimir Stevanovic mixes a variety of individual and team drills (that enhance skill development and team thinking) with high tempo execution. Consistent participation and exposure prepares each athlete for the physical demands and emotional highs and lows that are part of every game. Coach Stevanovic instils in the athletes that hard work is not a skill, it is a habit! We highly recommend ISBA to all serious athletes.

Paul and Josie Angelini