2024 Summer Basketball Camps

IBSA Basketball runs week-long training camps at each of our training locations – one near you!

Basketball Camp Details

    • IBSA Day Camps run from 9:00am – 3:00pm for athletes aged 8-14.
    • IBSA Skill Development Camps offer a unique atmosphere of focus and high energy that keeps athletes of all ages engaged and on-task
    • Athletes will be put through a week of purposeful skill development designed to build their key fundamentals:
      • Shooting & Dribbling
      • Passing & Footwork
      • Speed & Agility
    • Afternoons are dedicated to putting these new skillsets into action. Proper gameplay is our emphasis and we focus heavily on:
      • Moving without the Ball
      • Proper Spacing
      • Correct Decision Making
IBSA Basketball Training

Summer 2024 Camp Dates, Locations


  • July 8th – 12th
  • August 12th – 16th

All Oakville Summer camps are held at King’s Christian Collegiate.


  • August 19th – 23rd

All Kitchener-Waterloo Summer camps are held at Woodland Christian High School.


  • July 22nd – 26th (Hamilton)
  • August 6th/7th/8th/9th Prep for Rep (Ancaster)


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Want an IBSA Camp for your organization/city?

Our certified IBSA coaches are more than happy to come out to your location and run a professional Skill Development Camp.