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Learning Through Training
Find a Class for your Child

IBSA Basketball Academies offer youth basketball training throughout Ontario. Find a location that works for you and begin your child's program today.

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IBSA Milton

Located in the heart of Milton at the outstanding Elevate facility, our Milton Academy is the best option in the region for basketball players looking to train and improve.

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Winter Dates Open!
IBSA Shooting Clinics

Shooting is the most difficult skill for a basketball player to master. It requires proper stance, balance, hand placement, arm extension, and expert follow-through. Improper mechanics will severely limit a basketball player’s success at every level.

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The Academy is our main year-round training program. Athletes who enroll are grouped by age, as well as skill-level. Sessions consist of 90 minutes of purposeful skill development training and athletes can train up to three times per week. Our program is designed to build and develop fundamentals from the ground up. Academy sessions are teaching focused, while still allowing athletes to get a variety of game speed repetitions.

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IBSA Skill Development Camps offer a unique atmosphere of focus and high energy that keeps athletes of all ages engaged and on-task. Athletes are put through purposeful skill development designed to develop their fundamental skill-sets and facilitate proper gameplay.


3on3 is one of the best methods for teaching athletes how to play basketball properly at an advanced level. Athletes in our program will experience professional instruction and gameplay in a highly structured environment. The IBSA emphasizes the critical elements of spacing, movement and decision making.


Shooting is the most difficult skill for a basketball player to master. It requires proper stance, balance, hand placement, arm extension, and expert follow-through. Through professional coaching and analytics, IBSA Shooting Clinics guarantee an increase in shooting abilities.


IBSA Dream Foundation was created on the simple realization that as our circle of influence grows, so should our circle of concern. It is our responsibility to navigate our time and resources with the same dedication and character we expect of our athletes. The Dream Foundation is committed to striving to do all that it can for communities in need around the world.

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The IBSA boasts a team of coaches with NBA, Professional and University playing experience, creating a unique blend of fundamental European and cutting edge North American basketball teaching. Each coach brings a unique aspect to the IBSA curriculum which allows for one of the most comprehensive player development programs in Canada. Above all, IBSA coaches pride themselves on providing skill development that transfers to the game at the fundamental and elite levels.

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