The same fundamentally driven development program that we provide to our academy athletes, we also tailor to teams looking for a competitive edge. Team sessions are focused on developing not only the individual athletes, but the team’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole. This means that in addition to individual development, which includes:

  • Shooting
  • Ball-Handling
  • Finishing
  • Footwork
  • Defense
  • Spacing
  • Moving Without the Ball
  • Physical Development
  • Conditioning and Stamina

Crucial team skills such as offensive spacing, off-ball movement and team defense will also be introduced and emphasized.

It’s no question, coaches always struggle to balance practice time between skill development and strategy/tactics. Add in games and tournaments, and coaches can really be pressed for time and energy. With the IBSA handling skill development, coaches are free to use practice time to completely fine-tune their athletes for upcoming performance.

Rep teams as well as high school teams are welcome to take advantage of our team training, and encouraged to attend our Academy sessions as well.

For more information, rates, or to enrol in team training – CONTACT US!