IBSA has been a positive and well balanced training experience for Avery. The expectation for physical stamina and clear focus continues to drive his progress towards his personal goals of improving fundamental basketball skills and becoming a stronger, faster more agile team player. A consistent schedule, repetition of drills and exercises as well situational feedback during practice, have helped him to improve his current level of performance. Avery appreciates the opportunities to test his independent decision making during scrimmages allowing him to measure and self-monitor his progress and refocus his next steps. Avery has developed a respectful rapport with coaching staff and his peers. He enjoys working hard both as an individual, and as part of the IBSA team. Through his involvement in IBSA, Avery has become confident, and highly motivated to work towards his personal goals as well as to bring out the best in his fellow players which has enhanced his team play and experiences during the season.