Skills Camps

IBSA Basketball runs week-long training camps at each of our training locations. Athletes will be put through a week of purposeful skill development designed to build their key fundamentals. During the mornings, athletes will be put through a variety of skill stations to work on building their fundamental skillset. In the afternoon, athletes will be tasked with putting these new skillsets into action.

Shooting Clinics

Clinics are three hours long and focus 100% on improving shooting technique and ability. Each player receives individual video footage, a detailed report card, and an instructional literature package. Players can be re-assessed four to six months after the clinic. Ensure your player is a part of our clinic and learns how to shoot successfully for the rest of their career.

Basketball training

3on3 Leagues

In the 3on3 Leagues, certified coaches oversee training and games, providing continuous correction and coaching. These small sided games cultivate essential basketball “IQ” and refine movement techniques, setting a strong foundation for early skill development. Players are tasked with improving teamwork, strategic decision-making, and fluid ball movement. The development benefit of 3on3 basketball has a huge impact on long-term athlete success.

Team Training

The same fundamentally driven development program that we provide to our training academy athletes, we also tailor to teams looking for a competitive edge. Team sessions are focused on developing not only the individual athletes, but the team’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole. This means that in addition to individual development, crucial team skills such as offensive spacing, off-ball movement and team defense will also be introduced and emphasized.

Jr.NBA Academy

The IBSA Jr. NBA Academy features a curriculum-based program for beginners that will introduce young athletes to basketball, while fostering a love of play and structured learning. Kids will be able to explore general and sport-specific movement patterns, skill-based games that teach fundamentals and teamwork and structured learning plus play amongst their peers.