Academy Training

The academy is our top training program. Athletes who enroll are grouped by age as well as skill and put through 90 minutes of purposeful skill development designed to build and develop their fundamentals from the ground up. Academy sessions are teaching focused, while still allowing athletes to get a variety of game speed repetitions. A unique atmosphere of focus and high energy keeps athletes of all ages engaged and on-task. Physical development and conditioning are a part of every session. The academy program aims to develop complete athletes with the skills and game sense necessary to succeed at the elite level. Find out more about the IBSA Academy

If you’re an existing member, or you’re interested to see when and where we operate, check under the Academy Schedule tab above for more information or contact us.

Team Training

The same fundamentally driven development program that we provide to our academy athletes, we also tailor to rep or high school teams looking for a competitive edge. Team sessions are focused on developing not only the individual athletes, but the team’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole. This means that in addition to individual development, crucial team skills such as offensive spacing, off-ball movement and team defense will also be introduced and emphasized. Coaches looking to balance individual development and team concepts, or gain a competitive edge, look no further. Find out more about our Team Training Options.

Rep or high school team coaches looking for team training please contact us.

 Individual Training

Athletes often can benefit from very specific attention and correction. This is accomplished through our individual training, where athletes can have a training session tailored to their unique needs. Complete attention and focus is on the individual player, allowing for even the smallest of mistakes or inefficiencies to be corrected. This one on one setting also allows a coach to make a true evaluation of skill level. Along with fundamentals and tailored skill work, physical development and conditioning is an integral part of each session. Find out more about Individual Training.

If you’re interested in individual sessions, contact us.